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The Healing Practice: Yoga Therapeutics with Rolf Pechukas

Saturday, April 2, 2–5PM

3 hours - Open Levels
Cranky knees. Achey back. Sore wrists. Funky shoulders. Real bodies have real issues. And anatomy-based therapeutic techniques can really help.

In this workshop, we set aside postures and flows to focus on the yoga of intelligent body awareness. How to feel different parts. How to soften in one area, and strengthen in another. How to hold the body smarter, so it works and feels better.

3 hours may sound like a lot, but it will fly by. The body has a lot of parts, and there are many good ways to help it heal.

We’ll begin by exploring the anatomy behind common ailments and injuries. Then we’ll learn several key principles that promote healing holistically. And then we’ll get into specifics: knees, shoulders, lower backs, wrists - and anything else you come in with that day.

'Yoga' means to 'make whole'. Which is exactly what 'healing’ means. Come see how it feels to make THAT the priority of your practice.

$40 in advance
$45 at the door 

About Rolf:
Rolf Pechukas, E-RYT500, is a certificated Ashtanga and 500hr Embodyoga® instructor with extensive Iyengar and BMC training; he has been teaching yoga since 1999. He is also an architectural designer and professional musician who takes great delight in the architecture of the body and the music of the breath. He is currently writing a book on the vagus nerve.