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April Smith Tesson

For me yoga is a process of sharpening my awareness and tuning in – aligning my attention and intention with my breath and movement so that I can experience, if only for a brief moment, harmony of the body, mind & spirit.

I stumbled haphazardly into my first yoga class over a decade ago, and it has been a constant source of clarity and teaching in my life ever since. My goal is to teach from my practice and to offer what inspires me most. My classes are both challenging and accessible: a fluid steady flow with an emphasis on core strength, extension and safe alignment all set to beautiful music. You will leave feeling more powerful, flexible and empowered on all levels. 

My trainings with Seane Corn and Sadie Nardini lay the groundwork for my classes. My ongoing study with amazing teachers alongside my greatest teacher in life, my son Hayden, is what continues to inspire my work. Find April online at

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