Align + Flow Yoga

Our signature open-levels class, creative and purposeful sequences are introduced with precise cueing to alignment and breath. We then move with body intelligence into a moderately paced flow. Posture modifications and options for different levels offered. Warm room (77-80 degrees).


The perfect blend of warming flow and sweet surrender, your experience begins with a creative, purposeful flow before melting into a rich restorative sequence and extended savasana. Warm Room (77-80 degrees).


Meditative, grounding slow flow paired with quieting yin sequence to release tension held deep in the connective tissue of the body, relieve stress, and balance the nervous system. An antidote to the fast and busy pace of life. Room Temerature (73-76 degrees).


If you are new to yoga or looking for a gentle class to refine your practice, this is where to begin. With emphasis on basic alignment and foundations, asana (postures), pranayama (breath exercises), and meditation are broken down for greater understanding and gentle exploration of the body. Questions and requests encouraged. Room Temerature (73-76 degrees).


Even more gentle than our Gentle Basics, this class of quiet and exploratory breathing and stretching is ideal for those with physical limitations or brand new to yoga. Room Temerature (73-76 degrees).


Beneficial for all levels, this class introduces postures in the yin tradition, incorporating longer holds of postures designed to release tension held deep in the connective tissues of the body to prepare for meditation. Facilitates deep relaxation, relief from stress, and balances the nervous system. Room Temerature (73-76 degrees).


Enrich your practice in this weekly class open to all teachers, teachers-in-training, and serious practitioners, alternately taught by senior Orleans Yoga teachers. Intermediate and advanced posture sequences, pranayama techniques, and spiritual/philosophy topics will be introduced and explored in a disciplined, supportive, and nurturing setting. Runs November-March. Warm room (77-80 degrees).


Yoga is the ideal complement to endurance and individual or team sport athletic training. Enhance your performance through simple poses designed to address the muscular and joint imbalances that result from rotational overuse and repetitive motion. Heal injuries and reduce the risk of new ones by lengthening muscles, loosening up tight spots, and strengthening your full range of motion. Each class targets a specific area of the body while offering a full body stretch, and comes complete with a deeply relaxing recovery sequence. (Private instruction by appointment).


Enhance relaxation, comfort, and serenity for this transformational time of life as you prepare for an active and empowered birth through gentle yoga. Deepen your relationship with your growing baby and cultivate strength, flexibility, and confidence in preparation for childbirth. For pregnant women in their second and third trimesters. (Private instruction by appointment).

Kids Yoga

Who wants to learn a tree pose? How about a butterfly? We have yoga classes geared JUST for kids! Through fun and imaginative yoga, we will learn to unwind, focus, find balance and build strength and flexibility. Our teachers are Radiant Child Yoga certified and have decades of experience teaching children.



  • $20 Drop-in Class
  • $15 Drop-in Class for Seniors/Students (with valid ID) and Kids Yoga
  • $80 5-class pass
  • $150 10-class pass
  • $260 2-month Summer Unlimited Membership (available Memorial Day-Labor Day)
  • $80 1-week Unlimited Vacationer Pass (available Memorial Day-Labor Day)
  • $105 Autopay Monthly Membership* (w/ minimum three-month contract)
  • $1090 Annual Membership*
  • Private Instruction: at the Studio $100/hour and up, off-site $150/hour and up.

10-class pass can be shared with one other client; 5-class pass cannot be shared.
Class passes expire one year from date of purchase.
All class, workshop, membership and retail purchases are final with no refunds, transfers or exchanges.


Becoming a member at Orleans Yoga allows you to practice more, spend less, and immerse yourself in yoga practice on a regular basis.

Membership includes:

  • Unlimited yoga
  • 10% discount on all workshops
  • 10% off of all retail purchases in the boutique
  • 1 free guest pass per month (for students/guests who are new to the studio)

Membership Logistics:

We offer both annual memberships and monthly memberships. Annual memberships are purchased once per year for $1090 and are non-refundable. Monthly auto-renew memberships are $105/month (your card is charged on a monthly basis) and we require a 3-month commitment to sign up. After the 3-month minimum commitment contract is up, you may cancel at any time with one month's notice. Written notice of cancelation one month in advance is required to terminate the contract. You may suspend your membership for up to 4 weeks, one time per year. Memberships are non-transferable and membership payments are non-refundable.