Are you ready to stop “going to” yoga, and start LIVING yoga? Winter Yoga Studies Series is here!

Are you ready to stop “going to” yoga, and start LIVING yoga?

When you started practicing yoga, maybe it was for the physical benefits of strength, flexibility, and balance. Perhaps you came to yoga as an alternative to traditional therapies for pain relief or recovery from an injury. Or maybe you tried yoga to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. Whatever your initial intention for beginning your yoga practice, you are hooked, and over time you come to realize that there is something more to this. You start to get curious about the insights, awareness, and internal shifts happening as your practice progresses. You desire an understanding of this practice on a deeper level.

This is the path of the yogi. 

Can you relate? Then the Orleans Yoga Winter Yoga Studies Series may be just what you are looking for.

Over three immersion weekends this winter we will unpack the nuts and bolts of yoga, starting with a break down of the history of yoga and the eight limbed path, and introduce a solid foundation of postural anatomy. We will then dive into the more subtle and introspective practices of pranayama and meditation and explore how these influence emotional balance. You will enter the third immersion weekend ready to synthesize what you have learned and create a personalized, sustainable and dynamic self-practice to take into your daily life; one that serves as a roadmap for your life.

Svadyaya, or self-study, is a key component of living your yoga, and it begins with disciplined study and exploration of that which lies beyond the postures. In this series we will do just that, and you will complete the program with a holistic understanding of the multi-layered practices of yoga and how to integrate them into your life to live your most optimal life, your truest truth, with keen awareness and clarity. 

Already completed a teaching training program and currently teaching or intending to teach? The fourth immersion weekend is designed especially for teachers to come together and study more advanced topics. Just the boost you need to refine and inspire your teaching.

The structure of each weekend includes plenty of dynamic physical practice balanced with contemplative exercises, presentations and discussion. Each weekend is designed to facilitate a full immersion in study and practice, with minimal distractions for maximum benefit.

Questions? Think this series may be just what you are looking for? Email Petra with any questions at all!

For full description of the Orleans Yoga Winter Yoga Studies Series and registration informtaion, click here.

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