From Fundamentals to Flow

Many students of yoga go through a similar journey:

First, we are beginners. We're focused on learning the very basics of the asanas and the pranayama (breathing) techniques, and we're too busy paying attention to getting our bodies into these new shapes to think about much else.  

Then, over time, we're no longer beginners. We recognize the pose names, we start listening when the teacher talks about the "next steps" of a pose, and we begin to explore a bit more.

At some point, we begin seeking out not just beginners or "fundamentals" classes anymore, but we start attending all-levels classes. If we pause on the journey right here, we can begin to pinpoint where many students start to build incorrect alignment and transition patterns in the body.

Much of this comes from the fact that we often don't break down the more advanced transitions and poses in beginners classes (because that would be overwhelming to true beginners!), but then in mixed level classes--and especially in mixed level vinyasa classes--it can be hard for teachers to find the space to break down some of our less beginner poses and transitions (because many students in class are already familiar with these parts of the practice).

Thus, students who have never learned these poses or transitions begin to emulate what they see others doing around them, or begin doing what they think is correct (but which might not be), and over time, this misalignment can lead to injury, lack of strength, and of course, student frustration!

As teachers, we hope to be able to catch these incorrect patterns and movements while in class, but we can't always see everything or get to everyone, so sometimes misalignments fall under the radar.

So, when, where, and how can you learn how to flow from one pose to the next with more strength, more power, and proper alignment? In a workshop focused on just this!

My upcoming workshop, from Fundamentals to Flow, is a 2 hour workshop meant to help you learn how to connect with your core and use your core strength for chaturanga, jumping forward into forward fold, jumping back into chaturanga, and coming into upward-facing dog. We will also spend some time working with crow, jumping back into chaturanga from crow, and bound headstand.

This is a perfect workshop for students who are ready to take their practice to the next level, but want to learn how to do it correctly before "jumping" right in. I am VERY passionate about this part of the practice, and hope you'll join me for an afternoon of movement, discussion, and learning both what NOT to do and what TO do. 

The basics are below: 

Date: Saturday, April 5th from 2-4pm

Price: $25 (members receive 10% discount--register at studio or by phone). You can sign up online here.
*Please note that this workshop is not for beginners.

Hope to see you there!

Mary Catherine

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