Teacher Spotlight: Kim Possee

1. What made you try yoga for the first time? 
When I was in school I began painting mandalas and my graduate thesis was entitled "The Circle as Symbol." Painting is my purest form of meditation and the mandalas led me to try yoga.

2. What's your favorite yoga pose and why?
Lizard (or Dragon in Yin yoga) is my current personal favorite because of the slow opening and fascial stretching that occurs while in it. I love hip openers as well as lingering in a pose.

3. What are you focused on in your teaching right now? 
I’m focused upon balance- balancing all of the aspects of a class, balancing energy, bodies balancing upon the earth. 

4. If you could study under anyone for a year, who would it be, and why? 
If I could study under anyone for a year, I would probably choose Bernie Clark. His approach to understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of every body appeals to me. I am currently slowly working my way through his book Your Body Your Yoga.

5. What's your favorite book and why?
I love the book Poser by Claire Dederer. It follows a young woman transitioning through different phases of her life and the different instructors/poses/styles of yoga that she is attracted to as her life and her practice evolve. It’s a memoir written with humor and lightness by a woman who is living a fascinating life.

6. Favorite movie?
Princess Bride is complete entertainment; a romantic comedy/fantasy adventure film. Director Rob Reiner is brilliant and the casting/acting is phenomenal. The timing is impeccable and I love that it is a movie that adults and children alike can watch and laugh at, again and again.

7. Best trip you've ever taken?
Hiking hut to hut in the Swiss alps a couple summers ago was incredible. I met so many interesting people and saw so much by traveling on foot.

8. Favorite restaurant on the Cape? 
My go-to Orleans restaurant for dinner is the Rock Harbor Grill. The service and food are excellent and it’s fun to sit at the bar.

9. How do you stay balanced? How do you unwind? 
Aside from practicing yoga, walking/hiking is my go-to method of relaxing, unwinding. I find that being along the shore or in the forest and mountains clears my mind and keeps my body balanced.

10. What's your favorite part of teaching yoga?
Connecting with the students and helping them to connect to their bodies and their breath, assisting them in unwinding and in becoming more present. 

11. Words (or quote) you live by? 
The following excerpt from "The Summer Day" by Mary Oliver:

Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?

12. How do you try to live a mindful life?
I attempt to practice non-attachment to outcomes…. I work hard and move forward with learning, experiences, following instincts but realize that I have to let the universe take care of things in the long run.

Kim teaches Slow Flow + Restore on Saturdays from 4-5:15pm. View the full class schedule here. 

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