Teacher Spotlight: Sara Moran

1) What made you try yoga for the first time? 
Who knows. It was like 2002 and I went to a class at New York Sports Club with my roommate at the time. It was definitely nothing deep. And I think the whole class we were just competing with each other. 

2) What's your favorite yoga pose and why?
Impartial. Although I seem to be a forward fold kind of girl- release, surrender, let go.  I like that stuff.

3) What are you focused on in your teaching right now? 
Trusting the process!

4) If you could study under anyone for a year, who would it be, and why?
I wish I could go back in time and study with Pattabhi Jois in 1970’s Mysore.  I like reading about the Americans who went to Mysore in the 70’s.  I identify with that sort of drifter, outsider vibe. More realistically, Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga program at the Trauma Center in Brookline. I like the work of van der Kolk.  

5) What inspires you?
Varies depending on the day.  It can be anything or everything.  Last week I was inspired by a video of bulldog on a skateboard and today I am inspired by the florescent pink hair of one of the young adults that I work with. And the memory of my dad. That one never changes.

6) Best trip you've ever taken?
Before settling on the Cape, me and my husband drove from our home in Jersey City, NJ to Buenos Aires over the course of 15 months- camping and living out of our car. The picture included in this post is me on a beach in Costa Rica.  That picture is totally “me”.

7) How do you stay balanced? How do you unwind?
Balanced - Sense of purpose, looking at the big picture, breathing.  Unwind- laughing, surfing, playing with my dog, 'The Big Bang Theory.'

8) What's your favorite part of teaching yoga?
Facilitating a sense of kindness to self.

9) Words (or quote) you live by? 
I don’t know about live by….but I like it a lot: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”  -John A. Shedd
A woman I worked with gave that quote to me when I left a job in NYC because I was moving to Portland, OR.  I had a lot of guilt around leaving.  This quote spoke to me.  It still does. 

10) How do you try to live a mindful life?
When I was growing up and I would say something like, “I can’t wait for (fill in blank)” or “I wish it was (fill in blank)” my mom would say, “you are going to wish your days away.”  Sometimes I repeat these words to myself as a way to stay in the moment. 

Sara teaches Align + Flow Express on Thursday mornings from 7-8am. 

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