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Prajna Yoga Summer Immersion - Opening the Currents of Prana with Tias & Surya Little

July 21 - 22

Prajna Yoga Summer Immersion 2023 - Opening the Currents of Prana

In this week-end immersion we emulate the way ocean currents and tides move along the shores of the outer Cape. Through circulating movements we increase the flow of vitality through the many arterial channels of the body in order to rinse, flush, and restore inherent vitality in the body.

Friday, July 21st - 2-5 PM
The Power of the Legs

In all of our practices, the legs are used to channel blood and lymph back to the torso. Through dynamic and restorative positions, we mobilize the inside channels of the legs and increase circulation through the ankles, knees, and low back. 

Friday, July 21st - 6-8 PM
The Tao of Yoga

Tao is the vital flow of change in nature. It ebbs and flows and moves through a process of drifting and streaming. The Tao is said to be always changing and, like moving water, flows naturally and spontaneously. In this class we open the circulatory pathways of the blood, lymph, and nerve with stretching and flowing movements. Through arcs, curves, spirals, and elliptical movements, we cultivate a harmonic balance between activity and rest.

Saturday, July 22nd - 10 AM-1 PM
The Sacrum and Hip Joints 

This class is a deep dive into the hip joints. We take a slow progression through the many angles of rotation in and around the hips to generate fluidity in the sacrum and pelvis. We will practice releasing the sacrum and low back in order to generate a stream-like flow of prana through the spine.

Saturday, July 22nd - 2-5 PM
Amplifying the Rise and Fall of Breath: Pranayama

In this class we support the inherent motion of the diaphragm in all poses by following a wave-like motion of the breath. Sometimes the breath becomes very shallow (low tide) while at other times it expands and widens (high tide). We take the approach that the breath cannot be forced or insisted upon, but that respiration will  “reset” as releases in the connective tissues naturally occur.

The Church of the Holy Spirit, 204 Monument Rd, Orleans, MA 02653

*Please bring with you at least one yoga block, blanket and strap.

$75 3-hour Single Session
$65 Friday Evening 2-hour Single Session
$270 Full Immersion (all 4 sessions)

*If you select the full immersion pricing option ($270 for all 4 sessions) our scheduling software will initially show you as enrolled only for the first workshop you register for. You have the option of adding yourself to the rosters of the other workshops you will be attending, or we will take care of that for you. Either way you will be registered for all of the events you paid for.