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Yin Yoga + Sound Bath Immersion with Lynne Begier

Saturday, May 6, 2–4PM

2 hour Workshop
All Levels

Join Lynne for an afternoon of deep rest, release and immersion in Sound and Yoga. The Yin Yoga practice is an opportunity to connect with the more quiet, lunar side of ourselves. It is common to chase life around and to be as busy as we can be while we leave ourselves depleted and disconnected. In this workshop we will take time to set up each pose and then will marinate in each pose for about 3 to 5 minutes. During each pose Lynne will play the Sound Bowls and other instruments - the bowls will work specifically on each Chakra of the body, but will also work to release energetic and physical holding throughout the entire body. You can think of the Sound Bath as a deeply guided meditation where the sound of the bowls brings you inside of yourself. And you find yourself at home and at ease with "the support" of the bowls. 

No previous experience Required - All levels are welcome - If you are working with an injury or limitation please attend and allow yourself to be supported.

COST: $45