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Yoga for Back Care Part 2 - Upper Back with Susannah van der Wende

Saturday, March 25, 2–4PM

2 hour Workshop
Open Level

Yoga for Back Care: A Strong and Stable Spine
Part 2 - Upper Back

Body movement is essential to our mental and physical health, yet many of us can be found at the mercy of an unwelcome side effect: back pain. In this workshop, Susannah will address a broad spectrum of movement-related back issues, teaching basic spinal anatomy and guiding you through thoughtfully curated sequences to help identify and address your individual postural patterns. Practices will combine a blend of stretching and strengthening to increase joint function, spinal awareness, and mobility.

Core themes of this two-part workshop will include optimizing spinal range of motion - especially within the joints of the spine (vertebrae), and lengthening, strengthening, and mobilizing the tissues that contribute to overall spinal health. The goal? Increasing joint function and decreasing back pain and discomfort.

Part one will detail the hips, legs, and lower back; while part two will focus on the arms, shoulders, neck, and upper back. Both sessions are complementary and intended to be taken in succession. If you suffer from back or neck pain, or you simply want to improve the way you move, this workshop is for you!

COST: $40

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