Private Classes

Our private and small group offerings are a perfect way to practice while minimizing contact with other clients. We offer a number of modalities for private and small group instruction, and can customize each session to meet your needs. Work individually, or gather a group of friends and family to have your very own private class in the studio or at the location of your choice. Beach yoga, backyard yoga, family reunions, weddings, parties of all kinds, we'd love to bring yoga to you and your group!

Do you want to learn the basics, work on therapeutic approaches to address a chronic injury/ache or condition, or deepen/advance your practice? Upon booking your session we will work with you to customize and individualize a practice just for you. 



All of our Yoga classes emphasize alignment, functional movement, and breath. View our menu of yoga offerings here, select your prefered level/class or let us know what you are interested in exploring so we can customize classes just for you.

Yoga with Ropes + Slings

Practice yoga postures using the resistance and assistance of the wall ropes and slings to invite length, strength, traction and profound alignment awareness. Experience improved posture and reduced back pain through this instructive and fun class. Can be customized to your level.

Reformer Pilates

Pilates exercises are done with rhythm + flow, creating smooth, graceful, functional movements. Sessions address each part of the body with emphasis on cultivating core strength. Exercises on our Ropes and Slings wall can be integrated with Reformer work for traction and alignment purposes to enhance these specialized sessions, and movements can be modified to suit each client’s needs and fitness level. Sessions provide a refreshing and energizing mind-body workout while improving posture, strength, muscle tone, balance, flexibility, and coordination. More info here.

  • Sessions can be booked as a single modality, or combined per your preference.
  • Private individual rates start at $100 per session. Small group rates begin at $30 per person or $150 per group, per session.
  • Sessions book by appointment with a 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • Studio and equipment is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected between classes.

Contact Petra for further details and to book!